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Anhk Anu

Anhk Anu



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Ghost Runners


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Member, Magar's World Council Member





The Anur


As his race dictates, not so tall, but strong despite being a lanky being, he has a characteristic cyan skin coloration, mostly provocated due the high radiations emitted by Caraaz sun in conjunction with Eleton gases action, his face is decorated with three white symbols in his forehead, result of three H'kig religious marks that surrounds his misterious purple eyes.

Talking about personality, he's a very sociable and friendly Poldt, always open to help everyone.

Usually you can see him worn in a Czerka miner black jumpsuit decorated with Avance rankbars, but for daily and home life you can see Anhk without any upper wearings, weared in a plain skirt tied with a black cummerbund ended with a Barab polished crystal, a familiar relic that his father got as a payment in one of his transport routes near Dac system, the cummerbund has attached a little Worshyr carved piece, ornated with a Jorallan Opal, product of a gift during his stance in the Jewel Moon.


Early Years

Little is know about Anhk Anu origins...but he was born in Rishi, a forest planet home of the Rishii species. In the early years of the Galactic Empire Er'ah Anu, his father was sent to Rishi to act as Master Purser in the newly discovered Exonium mines, where he kept the warehouses controlled and the minerals loaded in the massive Star Galleons.

Anhk grew up in Rishi plains, where the Imperial compound was set, during his childhood he stuck with the Rishii and learnt, not only his lifestyle, even their religion...since this specie is so pacifist, they treated the Imperials as another being in their world, Rishii people lives in the top of trees, so whatever happens under them is not important, but after the first contact with the new settlers, they developed a great curiosity about starships, same curiosity that Anhk took from the Rishii people.

Althought educated under a primitive culture, Anhk was sent to Kuat at the age of 20 years old to learn in the Academy the art of ship design, due the extremelly developed curiosity and the natural logical abilities of the Poldt people, he finished Shipwright and Economic Theories in a record time.

He spent some years working for Kuat Drive Yards as Engineer, supervising the Hyperimpulsor development complex. By the time of the Civil War started, he was taken as a refugee of Poldt species by Kuat goverment, as they took the Kuati designation by this cause. During his stance in Tekshar Falls, he came across a Muun that gave him the chance of running a small mining compound in Stensen sector working for a Sienar Fleet Systems subsidiary company.

Anhk took his old freighter and sailed to Stensen sector, way to Caaraz, the Eleton gas mining complex was finished a few weeks after Anhk's arrival, so he took a time on leave on the icy planet. The extraction works started in the following week, he paid special attention in the Ranth native workers, that seemed great for the work due their vigor and learning capacities.

He managed the complex for at least a year, during that time the solar radiations in conjunction with the gases venting to the atmosphere dyed his skin in a cyan coloration that now it's his personal identity mark, as the Poldt are white skinned people.

Passed a year, Anhk returned to Rishi planet, and lived there for some months before returning to Caaraz, during that time Anhk took one of the most valued honors of the Rishii culture, the H'kig symbols tattoed in his forehead, with the meaning of Jeh" (the Immanent), "Teh" (the Transcendent) and "Tan" (the Conscious Essence).

Sienar and Medtech Years

After finishing his errand in Caraaz, he was required in Corellian sector, Anhk officialy started to work for Sienar Fleet Systems after arriving Feldor Main Headquarters, his first task was taking care of a newly Assault Gunboat production lane in Feldor Industrial Sector until the first 2 batches were completed.

During that time, he made external works for SFS, as logistic agent. His career in Sienar finished after coming back from Dac planet, where Anhk spent a year acting as agregate agent of Mon Cal shipyards, just before the Calamari people decided to align themselves with the Alliance. Anhk couldn't turn back to Feldor, so he lived in the ocean world until the situation went better, but he realized that Sienar was adquired by Corellian Engineering Corporation, so his position was taken and forgotten.

Anhk wandered for about a year and finally landed in Joralla, where he retired to the vast forests and lived as a hermit. There, while he was buying in a local trading hut, he met his actual personal assistant, a little native Twi'lek girl called Amaya, so uncommon since she's pink skinned, she provided him of the needed resources to stay in the planet safely.

But someday, while he was crossing the forests to get the valuable Opals, he came across a combat medic, who after hearing all the experiences past of Anhk, directed to join Medtech...aparently it was the best chance to start a new life. Anhk told Amaya to stay in Joralla until the blockade is gone and left the planet the following week.

After leaving Senex sector in the medic's starship, and back to Centrality sector, he worked in the production/construction division for Medtech in their core systems, but during a hyperspace travel, while Anhk was testing his new SoroSuub holoprojector...a great chance was presented to him, a message from a misterious Togrutan came throught his communication system...and the chances of a new assignment lightened his purple eyes with hope.

After several weeks finishing Medtech projects, he joined officially Czerka Corporation, and directed by Daerun Darkstar? started his career in the Ghost Runner Department.

Czerka Years

After reaching his first and lately taken as Home planet, Tar Morden II, a toxic planet from Vensensor Sector, he was given a new errand, the Team Leader rank.

Sooner arranged the wish of being part of a House, his mentor gave Anhk the chance to join Asclepius, and after meeting the House leader Anhk joined Caduceus province House.

During his stance in Tar Morden II, he met his new teammates, that quickly started a good relation with him. Anhk nowadays keeps the Team as busy as he can, because his main goal is rising Czerka into the highest prosperity that his little leadership is able to get.

The latest months of hard work given Anhk a new opportunity, after some promotions and projects, he was given the charge of Vicepresident of Ghost Runners Department, taking the errands of the new and fresh team leaded by Ardalion Reven.

About personal facts, lastly Anhk recovered his father ship from Rishi, an anonymous vendor was selling it, and during a short stance in Moddell he bought it. Also, during his new stance in Joralla, he met again his old friend Alia Ami, that was seeking for a job, Anhk offered her to become his personal assistant and she accepted gladly.

After this moment, she started working in Anhk Anu's ship, the [CCA] Alema, and when duty requires it, in the [CC] Lithium as secretary and construction foreman under Czerka orders.

Nowadays, Anhk is working on an important project for Czerka, splitting his time between duty and personal business.

Recently, Anhk Anu raised to the 2IC position in Czerka family, pointing newer chances to get his acclaimed chance to start his little dream, a local ship construction company, possibly emplaced within Avance controlled space.

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