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Author Topic: FAQ: Faction Starships  (Read 6377 times)
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The wraith's operate a mixed fleet of starfighters and capital ships in line with their varied mission profiles. Utilising a variety of other vessels when need demands. Once trained and qualified a wraith is assigned to a battle group and then assigned craft dependent on skill, aptitude, activity and qualification.

To be assigned the Sabaoth craft takes hard work, being active and showing that you have the guts and intelligence worthy of a Wraith. Sabaoth craft are not for sale.

Craft unique to the Wraith mercenaries are:

Sabaoth Destroyer:
The Sabaoth Destroyer dates back to shortly before the breakout of the Clone Wars; originally designed and built for the Sabaoth Mercenaries, these destroyers served well in battle, boasting extremely powerful shields and armored hull for a ship of its size. At only 275 meters in length, the proper designation for this ship is frigate-class, but it has earned its destroyer naming due to the reputation that grew up around her powerful weapon complement. The majority of the surviving Sabaoth Destroyers are believed to be in the hands of The Wraiths, continuing the mercenary tradition of the starship.

Sabaoth Defender:
The Sabaoth Defender was designed and built to escort the Sabaoth Destroyers built several years earlier. Expensive, even by modern fighter costs, the Defenders were crucial to space superiority, due to their shielding and armor, which still match any modern-day fighter. Defenders can work alone or be based on a ship during tactical operations. Historically, under optimal situations 2 squadrons of Defenders would be placed on a Sabaoth Destroyer, leaving plenty of room for support craft.
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