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« on: November 13, 2010, 11:05:40 PM »

Are you wondering who The Wraiths are and what we offer to our members?  Read on.......the benefits of joining The Wraiths are many:

Stability - THE oldest, most well established mercenary faction in the Galaxy. We were founded on Day 5 of Year 0 which means that we are more than 12 years old. Many factions come and go but we have stood the test of time.

Compensation - We are amongst the highest paying factions in the Galaxy.  Our recruits start out at 2,000,000 credits per month and, unlike some factions, are paid during training. New members will receive a 500,000 credit bonus upon graduation from The Wraiths Academy and are promoted one level which also means that your salary would increase to 2,500,000 credits per month. It should take an active sentient no longer than one month to graduate from the Academy so by your second month in the Combine you should be making very good coin.

Advancement - While we've been around for a long time we're not so large as to be difficult to advance through the ranks. The most important trait that we look for in a new member is activity level. We can teach you everything that you'll need to be successful in the Combine but we can't teach the desire to excel - that must come from within.

Knowledge - We have our own training Academy with dedicated training staff that will help you through the maze that is SWC. We combine mission and tutorial based training to create a comprehensive training program for new members and are with you every step of the way.

Resources - We equip our members with only top of the line equipment. We are the ONLY mercenary faction to own and produce unique ships that only we have access to:
Sabaoth Destroyer:
Sabaoth Defender:

Community - We're affiliated with Soyak Rainer Enterprises which owns The Avance Coalition government and its nationalized factions. This gives our members access to a large RP community and discounts on services and products from those factions. Plus, Avance is one of the wealthiest governments in the Galaxy and offers other opportunities for our members to grow their bank accounts.

Neutrality - We are a neutral faction in regards to the Galactic Civil War so you don't need to pick a side and hope that it's the correct one. We fight for each other, our allies, and profit - not political ideology.

If you are interested in joining us as an elite mercenary, here's how:

1) If youíre still trying to decide on a faction and would like more information on The Wraiths, please contact Val Crow or Varro Kaar through the SWC messaging system.  They would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

2) If youíve already decided to join The Wraiths please follow these directions using the Combine interface:

- In your "Manage" menu (right side of SWC screen under your avatar) click on "Faction"
- In the "General" section at the top of the screen, click on "Join Faction".
- In the "Join a Faction" section, select "The Wraiths" from the drop-down box list.
- Click on the "Send Join Request" button.

Your join request will be transmitted to us and we will process it in a timely manner - usually within hours.  If you are an SWC veteran, a background check will be performed to make sure that you are in good standing in the Combine universe.  In the rare event that an issue is discovered, we will contact you for clarification and/or more information.  This is standard operating procedure that protects the integrity and assets of The Wraiths. Once the background check is cleared, and your join request has been approved, you will receive an acceptance message with instructions to register at our forum so that you can get access to our training staff and tutorials.

3) If you havenít created a character yet we can be of assistance in helping you decide on your skill point allotment in order to best fit your career path.  You can then choose our training Academy city as your spawn point and avoid the sometimes long travel times involved with moving across the Galaxy.  Please contact Joruus Fell for additional information.  

Thank you for your interest in The Wraiths!!
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